North TX Civil Process serves Arlington, Texas

and the surrounding areas.


We don’t work from nine to five.  We are in the field from early morning to late at night, and our high success rate shows that. 

We provide the following process services:

  • Process Service
  • Skip Tracing
  • Notary Service


We aggressively represent our clients in Arlington, Texas through Fast and Efficient Service to reach your goals through Uncompromising Dedication and Ethical Standards, while maintaining an Honest, Ethical, and Consistent Results with the highest reputation in our industry.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use outside agencies to serve legal documents. Instead, we employ process servers in Arlington, Texas and the surrounding area to guarantee that every service of process is as efficient, swift and as professional as possible.

We employ the most dedicated process servers in Texas and we are committed to ensuring that every service of process is both legal and to the client’s specifications. We pride ourselves in providing prompt, reliable, and competent service of process to all of our clients. Our attention to detail and sense of urgency is unparalleled by any other process serving company in Texas.

North TX Civil Process consists of a friendly and knowledgeable team who are available via telephone or e-mail to answer all of your questions about serving legal documents.

We have an excellent reputation for providing exceptionally fast and accurate service of process in Arlington, Texas. Our process serving company uses only the most knowledgeable process servers and investigators to ensure that we maintain the highest quality work when serving all legal documents.

We know that you have many options when considering a private process server, and we greatly appreciate your consideration of our process serving company.

A legal process server is a person who literally hands legal documents to someone who is involved in a court case. This might seem like a simple thing, but when it comes to legal process nothing is simple. If the process server doesn't do their job right, then this could cause delays, and could also cause the case being dismissed. You don't want this to happen.

In Texas, to serve civil process the preferred and approved method is to be certified by the Supreme Court. Failure to use the preferred and approved method could result in problems based on legal technicality. So that you know that your papers are going be served correctly, then is best to hire experienced, trained and certified process servers.

You need someone who has gone through an approved education that teaches a process server about the correct and legal way to serve papers. They also much go through the application process, pay a state fee, be fingerprinted and have a criminal background conducted. Not only does this provide process servers with the necessary knowledge and tools to do the job right, it also ensure that they have the right level of dedication to the profession. A level of dedication that means that you get the service you deserve.

All of our process servers are experienced, trained and are certified by the Texas Supreme Court to serve process in all 254 Counties in Texas.

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